The Benefits of Playing Video Games

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According to the Entertainment Software Association, a US association whose purpose is to serve the business and public affairs of companies that make computer and video games , about 185 million Americans play video games (2014 Essential Facts 2). This not only includes children, but adults and seniors as well. Even though this is over half of the country, many people assume those who play video games are lazy, aggressive, and anti-social. Many games are violent and can be very addictive for some so it’s understandable that people would believe this. But even if these are true, there is a lot of evidence that shows the good things video games can do for players. Many studies have shown that playing video games has positive effects that benefit physical and mental health, improve a variety of skills, and boost motivation.
Video games improve physical and mental health in many different ways. They can encourage fitness and have been used in the medical field. One example would be with the Nintendo Wii, which is a gaming console that uses motion controls to play the games. The motion detection system allows players to see their actions on a television screen with nearly real time sensory feedback (Wii Video Games par. 12). Wii Sports, a game that comes with each Wii console, requires the players to stand up and perform various movements, such as swinging one’s arms to mimic playing tennis or boxing. In a study by the American Stroke Association on twenty stroke survivors around the age of sixty, researchers found significant motor improvement in speed and extent of recovery with the Wii technology (Wii Video Games par. 8). Wii Fit is another game whose main goal is exercise and fitness. Players can do yoga, physical training, aerob...

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