The Benefits of Music Programs in Education

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There are many students involved in music programs all over the world. It has been proven that students involved in music activities have better future prospects. There are many reasons that music can help a student’s success, music is productive time spending, music stimulates the brain, helps grades, and music has benefits.
There is lots of background on music and how it helps people in different ways. It has been discovered that children with hands-on-training have been more accurate in “building self-esteem, enhancing creativity, improve problem solving skills, fostering teamwork, engaging parents, and improving test scores”(Do Students in music programs are known to have higher academics, less absenteeism, and better skill building. Music programs contribute to lower criminal behavior and higher self-esteem. Music helps development in creative thinking, problem solving, and communication. The graduation attendance is higher in students who are involved in music programs. Children in music are known to have better verbal memory. Being in music gives kids self-discipline, self-expression, and self-gratification. Music helps young children to be social with others which shows them diversity. If children go into music they must learn to work with others, manage time, and solve group problems. Also music is seen as a bonus in a student’s life and school education (“Background on Music”).
Music is a great to way to stimulate the brain in adults and young children. After several tests throughout the years, music therapy is known to be optimistic. Music therapy is known to help people with anxiety and depression. Research shows that their antidepressants work faster in people in music therapy. Music also helps child...

... middle of paper ... have education benefits or even help stimulate your brain. Most people might think that band can be too time consuming or too much pressure for a student, but if you just put in the effort it all pays off. It can pay off in several ways like it can help you with your future education or help heal people mentally. Music is a wonderful thing to be apart of and it can be helpful in so many ways that most people didn’t know about. Students in music programs are bound to have a successful future.

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