The Benefits of Mouth Guards

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Mouth guards come in many different forms and ways. They are very versatile and can be used for many different uses for people. In this guide I will discuss the different type of mouth guards that are available. I will also be discussing the use of mouth guards, application of mouth guards, some of the risk as well as some of the benefits of them. I will talk about the background of the mouth guard, for example, how long they have been around and when they were introduced. Finally, I will discuss the basic information and other topics about the product. Mouth guards have been around since the early 1800’s. No one knows an exact date. The first to use mouth guards were boxers. Back in the 1800 mouth guards were made out of tape, cotton, sponges, and even little pieces of wood. Obviously, back then they were not comfortable but they were vital to special sports and procedures. With being such a new product there was no way to hold the guards in the mouth. As boxers and wrestlers used them they would have to keep them in their mouth by grinding and clenching their teeth. With the problem of holding the mouth guard in place, a British dentist named Woolf Krause, found a new solution to that in 1892. Be made a rubber resign called a “gutta-percha,” this device went over the teeth before they would go into the ring. Then in 1921 during a championship fighting match Krause’s son Phillip Krause, invented the first ever reusable mouthpiece. Strangely, there were three other men that also made a mouth guard. Just like Krause, they were also dentists. Jaccob Marks had made one in 1916 that was used by Dinnie O’Leefe. Also, Thomas A. Carlos an American Dentist and E. Allen Franke a dentist from Chicago ma... ... middle of paper ... ... in handy and help in so many ways. References Swedberg, M. (January, 2013 13). [Mouthguard]. Retrieved from Dental health mouth guards. (2005). Retrieved from ADA, A. D. A. (2005). The importance of using mouth guards. Tips for keeping your smile safe, Retrieved from ADA, A. (2006, December). For the dental patient. Protecting teeth with mouthguards, 137, 1. Retrieved from Koup-Larsen, S. (2014, December). Why mouth guards matter. Retrieved from Robinson, Bird. (2012). Modern Dental Assisting.Santa Rosa, California: Catherine Jackson.

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