The Benefits of Living in a Warm Climate

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Living in a warm climate provides many benefits
Why do retired people who live in cold climates travel to warmer climates for the winter? Why do people who live in cold climates take vacations to warm climates in the winter? There are several reasons to why living in warm weather is beneficial and attractive. Living in a warm climate provides many benefits such as a healthier lifestyle, the ability to do more outdoor activities, and economic advantages.
First reason-Healthy Lifestyle

1.MOOD-ATTITUDE-First, a healthy lifestyle is essential to a person’s attitude which is improved in a warm climate. People tend to be moody in colder weather, rather than warm weather. For example, people who live in cold climates look forward to a trip somewhere warm in the winter months to improve their mood. There is a positive impact in mental health when the sun is out for most people, according to the University of Michigan research. "Life is full of color and life is fun. It's easy to forget that during the wintertime," says Agent J. Keller from University of Michigan. Therefore, warm weather has a positive impact on people’s moods and attitudes.
2. VITAMIN D ENERGY-Furthermore, warmer climate can contribute to a healthier lifestyle in many ways. A human’s Vitamin D levels are affected by how much time spent in the sun. Vitamin D is a nutrient received from the sun. Vitamin D provides higher levels of energy. “The sun is the first and primary source of Vitamin D in our bodies,” says Doctor Nicolas Campos from Los Angeles, California.
3. VITAMIN D CANCER-One of the reasons people avoid the sun is because they don’t want to get skin cancer. which makes your bones stronger and can help prevent cancer. By getting a healthy amount of sunlight, y...

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2. HOME MAINTENANCE-Also home maintenance expenses are higher in cold climates. For example, roof leaks, and reinsulate for doors and windows. “Almost every part of a house expands and contracts as weather changes from cold to warm, which causes the house to move,” Says Dave Kludt.
3. AUTO EXPENSE-Car insurance can be a hassle when living in a colder climate, which leaves warmer climate at a lower expense. Driving a car in cold weather, compared to warmer climate can be very costly. There are supplies needed if ever stranded, and high insurance rates. In areas with warmer climate there are less car crashes, due to the fact that there are not any icy roads. Cars use more fuel in cold weather, car engines don’t last as long in cold weather. Four wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles are more expensive and necessary in cold climates

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