The Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

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It might be difficult to see the benefits in legalizing marijuana, but the some states law that legalized marijuana reduced the number of accidents involving people under the use of marijuana, reduces the violence cause by intoxication of the drug, reduce the number of drug dependents and prevent the health risk that accompany the use of marijuana. Alcohol and tobacco are legal in the states but they cause high health risks, therefore legalizing marijuana is would not be an unjustified act, but rather just an extension of laws already in place. When comparing the effects of marijuana to the effects of alcohol and tobacco, one can see they are very similar, yet alcohol and tobacco are legal. Legislators considered that the money they will be revenue by legalizing marijuana could be turned into an earning opportunity. In a stark contrast, marijuana prisoners are costing about $1 billion annually which could be put to other uses such as improving the health system or education in the United States. If marijuana is changed into to a legal drug the consequences can bring profit to the US. The marijuana sales would bring $7 billion in total federal expenditure ; the money can be used for national development or any other expenditure that has the potential to benefit people in the long-term. The legalization can also profit the tax revenues like alcohol and tobacco. Many Americans think of marijuana as a bad influence and claim that it kills brain cells, but many studies show that people who use marijuana have less damage compared to people who abuse alcohol. Alcohol, which is legal in the states, can cause a person to exhibit aggressive behavior, whereas marijuana does not induce any violent behavior. In a journal of Addictive behavior... ... middle of paper ... is a major contributor to fuels movement, helps textile-based products. The fibers from the hemp help make paper, fabric, and rope. Hemp has a higher yield than cotton as a study shows. In a study, hemp has been shown to have more protein than soy, and also that hemp can produce four times as much paper from an acre of marijuana than an acre of trees. Marijuana is also quicker to harvest than trees. Many young American have used marijuana even after the government tried fighting the use of the drug. The only reason it is not legalized is because the scientific researcher argument concerning the effects of marijuana is not strong enough. For the drug to be legalized the effects of alcohol would have to be proven to be more dangerous than the effects of marijuana, despite its underwhelming effects, as well as the U.S’s need for the potential tax revenue.
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