The Benefits of Hospice Care

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Dying is a scary thing, and most of the time we are unprepared for it to happen. It is scientifically proven that 100% of us will die one day; but with the advances in modern medicine people are starting to believe they can cheat death. A woman in her eighties had kidney failure and end stage respiratory. She had been there for two weeks and mentioned to her kids she did not want to end up like her husband living on machines. But her children couldn’t let her go and got her a permanent tracheotomy, feeding tube, and dialysis catheter. Now she just drifts in and out of consciousness, not saying anything or moving. (Gawande 4) Yet, is lying in a bed being kept alive by machines drifting in and out of consciousness really living? Many end of life patients these days are seeking a new alternative to that nightmare: Hospice care. Hospice care has been around since the 1970’s but has been underutilized until recently. The main goal of Hospice care is to: “provide a peaceful, symptom-free, and dignified transition to death for patients whose diseases are advanced beyond a cure. The hope for a cure shifts to hope for a life free of suffering. The focus becomes quality of life rather than its length”(Nabili). Hospice care is superior to hospital care for end of life patients because it leaves both the patient and their families in a better situation during the final stages of death.
With the economy in such bad shape as it is, medical expenses can sometimes be far too much for regular patients receiving standard procedures even with insurance. So consider the cost of normal end of life patients’ who could be in the hospital anywhere from two weeks to six months. According to a story done by CBS news, it costs nearly $10,000 a day to mainta...

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