The Benefits of Genetically Engineered Foods

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I. Introduction: Genetically engineered foods could produce many benefits for our future because GE foods could promote longevity on the shelves of the stores, could be produced in drought ridden countries, and could enhance vitamins that are lacking in some countries.

II. Background section

A. Facts on Linda Bren and the FDA facts.

B. FDA states that GE foods are as safe as commercial foods.

C. Most grocery stores contain GE products.

D. Adds longer shelf life to foods.

E. State how no GE foods contain animal DNA yet.

F. Grocery Store Manufacturers of America facts.

G. Dr. Dennis research about health advantages to GE products.

H. How GE products could benefit everyone.

I. Advantages of possible vaccines in foods.

J. Information on weed control.

K. Benefits to farmers.

L. Radin research on economic benefits.

M. Fewer insects and information pertaining to that.

N. Consumer polls.

O. Labeling problems

P. Consumer’s lack of knowledge.

Q. FDA policies.

R. FDA approval of GE foods.

S. Future goals of GE companies.

T. Europe’s opinion on genetically modified foods.

III. Lines-of-argument section:

A. Labeling genetically engineered products is not needed. Everyday products on the market, such as corn, canola oil is labeled, but it does not state if it is genetically engineered. The reason why is because it is no different than organic. The FDA approves the unrevealing of genetically engineered foods on the market, as it is proved to be as safe as organic foods.

B. Drought ridden countries will soon be able to grow crops. Bioengineers are developing ways to produce crops in different types of weather conditions. One of those conditions would be drought. Rice plants with sugar genes put into them could make them tolerant to drought conditions. Cornell University has a new strategy to help this rice and other crops to become tolerant of weather conditions, such as third world countries that are normally non-producing of crops.

C. Vaccines and vitamins are soon to be genetically modified into foods. The world’s population is growing rapidly, as well as diseases. Bioengineers is looking towards the future to help produce foods that contain vaccines and vitamins. There are numerous possibilities that they are looking at. Edible vaccine offers a wide variety of possibilities; such as less costly, and more convenient. Vitamin deficiency affects millions of people and causes blindness. Scientists are working on rice to help prevent this problem by inserting genes into rice plants.

Genetically Engineered Foods: Are They Really Safe?

Genetically engineered foods, also known as GE, are foods produced from crops whose genetic makeup has been altered through a process called recombinant DNA, or gene splicing, to give the crop a desirable trait (2).
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