The Benefits of Eating Together at Home

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In modern time, with advanced technologies, people are having a higher standard of living than before. They make more money and use high level technologies to make their lives more comfortable, but at the same time more isolate. Also, as a survey by Lifehacker, over 37 presents of the total votes reported that they worked 41 to 50 hours per week(Pash, 2012). Direct effects of the overworking are that people have no time to regularly eat dinner with their family. For this phenomenon, some people think that is not important to eat together because they can save time to have a good rest. However, in my opinion, I believe that we need to regularly eat together, and eating together has more benefits than people who are eating alone.
First of all, eating together will be good for children. It is widely known that parents are the best teachers for children. If the teacher teaches knowledge, then parents can develop the character of their children. They can teach how to live, how to work, how to face the problem. Dinner is a good time to communicate with children. Eating with family can let children get new vocabulary, and improve organizational competence. By listening to parents to describe the problem solving process, the children could also learn to solve similar problems in the future. For example, parents can talk with children about their campus life during the dinner time. This method can let parents find children’s problems and give them timely guidance. It is very important for doing this because some of the habits which developed in childhood will affect their entire life.. So, through eating dinner together, children will know that what they should do or not. In addition, parents can also teach their children how to respect f...

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...set the table. This approach cannot only teach them some simple household, but also can let them wait for not boring. In addition, through cooking together, everyone can relax themselves. It is also a kind of rest.
Overall, having dinner together provides many benefits to people and their families. It not only is a benefit for people’s health and children’s growth but also could improve family relationships. Boys can get together to talk about sports and news; girls can get together to talk about recent fashion styles. Family members could meet each other and relax together, which is the happiest thing ever in the world. Therefore, no matter how busy people are, they should squeeze some time to spend with their family to have a talk, to have a dinner, and to have a rest because the most beautiful thing in the world is to love the ones you have before they are gone.
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