The Benefits of Eating Raw Foods

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Amanda is a twenty-something year old going to college in a big city. She lives in one of the identical shoebox-sized dorm rooms with a room mate. She wakes up in the early afternoon each day and shuffles to her first class. By the time her classes are over for the day she is famished and feels utterly empty of any sustenance. She looks around for the nearest place that she could get as much food as she wants for the least amount of money possible. She sees the dining hall of her university, but they only serve realistic portions of reasonably healthy food for a not completely reasonable price. Not what she?s looking for. She then decides to hop into her old, but reliable car and drive to the nearest McDonalds to satisfy the raging hunger within her. She orders a Big Mac, then another, with extra large fries, a large soda and two apple pies. She devours the food with animal like savageness. Soon she is bloated and miserable. Her stomach is so full that she must unbutton her already bursting at the seams jeans. She drives back to the residence hall and plops on her bed to take a nice long nap after that exhausting meal. When she wakes, she immediately clutches her stomach writhing in pain. When it?s all over she lay there covered in sweat, her head pounding and splitting at the same time and yet again completely empty of sustenance. ?Something has to change,? she thinks to herself. Amanda then starts to eat foods completely opposite her usual diet. She has more energy throughout the entire day. She needs less sleep and feels more rested when she wakes up. Her mind is clear and answers come to her quickly without having to search her memory. She no longer has headaches or any other body aches. She loses all of the excess and s... ... middle of paper ... ...d and knife. That?s it! You save time and money and are all the better for it! Eating only raw food also benefits the environment. It takes far less land to raise raw foods than animals, which conserves natural habitats. Eating only raw food produces far less trash to pollute the environment than cooked and processed foods. Think of all of the packaging that goes to food. All of the trees cut down for paper packaging and all of the oil used to create plastic packaging. Most of it just gets thrown away and pollutes the environment. The process of making plastic alone pollutes the environment. The gases and smoke from the factories billow up into the air and then into our lungs, or off to destroy the O-zone. So in conclusion, eating only raw and vegan foods not only has outstanding benefits to your health and appearance, but it benefits the world around you as well.

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