The Benefits of Eating Organic Food

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"Order up! Big Mac, large fry, and a chocolate shake-no whip cream." I eagerly claim my meal and then find a booth and begin to unpack my lunch. I look forward to this moment each day. After all, I love McDonald's-especially their world-famous fries (I could eat a hundred-no doubt). My stomach begins to hurt and the more I think about it, I cannot remember a time when I did not felt bloated. I've always dismissed these symptoms as just normal everyday ailments. However, could there be an underlying cause that I have not acknowledged? Could it be a direct result of what I feed my body? Though some may view organic food as unnecessary, it is undeniably the most wholesome diet.

Eating organically is the way to go. “Organic, in food terms, is defined as free of chemical pesticides and certain farming practices." (Portnoy 24) Organic food has always been around; but it is now more scarce than before the rise of conventional (non-organic) food. In fact, when conventional food was first introduced to the public in 1921, it became a hit. Therefore, as a result, organic food has slowly been kicked to the curb while conventional food enjoys the spotlight. However, not everyone has completely turned their backs on their apples, pears, and bananas. In 2001, a new supermarket came about: Sprouts Farmers Market. Sprouts is a healthy, natural, and organic supermarket. Along with Sprouts, are other organic grocery stores such as Trader Joe's and Sunflower Farmers Market. And today, though conventional food is still much more convenient and popular than organic food, organic and healthy eating has become somewhat of a trend.

There are some disadvantages to organic eating. First of all, "it costs too much, and it's harder to find" (Kluge...

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