The Benefits of Concealed Carry in the United States

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Gun control is a major topic of debate in America today, and has been ever since the 2nd Amendment was ratified. It is a topic that could affect the Americas who already own firearms. Using the data gathered from a multitude of sources, ranging from NRA data bases to opposing views on this topic, the average citizen may form a new frame of reference concerning this topic. This argumentative research paper shall more specifically focus on the subject of conceal carry in the United States today and the questions surrounding it: What a conceal carry permit is, the controversy surrounding such laws, how one obtains a conceal-carry permit – including classes and other instructional course as well as who should be allowed to apply for one – , where they shall be allowed to carry, the need for such a privilege, the theory of escalation, effectiveness of CCW/RTC laws on crime prevention and deterrence, and finally how we can more accurately measure those laws effectiveness in today’s society. Before delving into the intricate and delicate topic that is conceal-carry one should first learn of its history and that of gun control in the United States as conceal carry laws are the crux of modern gun control debates . The roots of the concept of concealed carry can be traced back to age of prohibition in the 1920s and 30s when the violent and armed new entrepreneurs looking to monopolize on the new illegal alcohol market responded to the 18th amendment. This increase in crime merited the first national response to the then lax firearms regulations which took form in the National Firearms Act of 1934 which incurred certain taxes and federal regulations on specific firearms and accessories (Kranz). The next major step was the Gun Contr... ... middle of paper ..., Steven W. "A Survey Of State Conceal And Carry Statutes: Can Small Changes Help Reduce The Controversy?." Hamline Law Review 29.3 (2006): 637-708. OmniFile Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson). Web. 19 Apr. 2012. Kovandzic, Tomislav V;Marvell, Thomas B;Vieraitis, Lynne Nov 1 2005."The Impact of "Shall- Issue" Concealed Handgun Laws on Violent Crime Rates: Evidence From Panel Data for Large Urban Cities".20 April 2012 Moody, Carlisle E., and Thomas B. Marvell. "The Debate on Shall-Issue Laws." Editorial.Econ Journal Watch Sept. 2008: 269-93. Academic Search Complete. Web. 18 Apr. 2012. United States. National Instant Criminal Background Check System. , Web. 12 Apr 2012. United States. No Gun Left Behind. Washington D.C.: Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, 2007. Print.

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