The Benefits of Adopting a Flat Tax Rate

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Our society today has strived to become familiar with our present tax system, but some just cannot come to terms with it. The current tax code is unfair to those who are single, work for under $50, 000 dollars per year, or have large families. The high tax percentages and low exemptions make it difficult for the average worker to prosper and get ahead in today’s world. The tax system also discourages citizens from saving and investing their earnings, ultimately pulling down the American economy. Over the past few years numerous proposals for a flat tax rate have surfaced and been reviewed. These proposals promise large tax cuts, fewer federal forms and costs, and larger exemptions (Armey 2). The United States should adopt a flat tax rate to better its citizens and increase the national economy.

Our nations current tax code is far too significant and complicated. Over 480 different tax forms exist for business professionals and individuals (Armey 2). The tax code also discourages workers from taking risks in the business world and crushes any entrepreneurial spirit. Many Americans have become frustrated with the high tax percentages and low exemptions as well. Tax percentages are some of the highest ever at an average rate of 39.6%. Only in 1981 when they reached 70 %, and during World War II at 94%, were American taxes any higher (Bartlett 2).

Tax evasion has become a dilemma with our contemporary taxes. Several people will often claim less income on their tax forms, ending up not having to pay as much in taxes. The raising of exemptions, deductions, and write-offs have increased as well. The Internal Revenue Service has also reported problems with citizens inflating such figures as exemptions, write-of...

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