The Benefits for the Legalization of Prostitution

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Prostitution, the act of providing sexual services to a person in exchange for money, goods, or other services, is referred to as one of the oldest professions. Currently, out of the United States, it is only legal in one state, Nevada. Laws prohibiting prostitution may be the oldest example of government regulation. In a free society, however, these laws are inappropriate because they violate the basic rights and liberties, stated in the Constitution, of the individuals involved. While some individuals are morally opposed to the legalization of prostitution, it would have many benefits if legalized including: protection for both parties involved, less violent crimes, and it would benefit the economy.

The benefits for the legalization of prostitution outweigh the benefits for prostitution remaining illegal in the United States. In Robert Trapp’s book entitled, “The Database Book: A Must-have Guide for Successful Debate”, he explains that prostitution has existed throughout history in all cultures and that the government needs to recognize that prostitution will not disappear. Therefore, the government should pass laws to make this profession healthier and safer for the individuals involved in the act of prostitution (192). By regulating these acts, the government would benefit as well as the prostitutes and their clients.

There are several major reasons why prostitution should be legal. The first reason is, legalizing prostitution would improve the health of prostitutes and their clients. Trapp states, that this would allow for sexual acts to occur in safe and clean environments instead of on the unsanitary streets. Also, laws would be passed that working prostitutes must receive regular health checks and use condoms to pr...

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