The Benefits Of The Second Amendment

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The Benefits of the Second Amendment In a tragic event such as a mass shooting, a large population of Americans are quick to draw the conclusion that the right to own a gun is harmful to society; however, the second amendment is what allows the American people to protect themselves from such shooting instances. The privilege to own a concealed firearm is beneficial to the American population when well-regulated for reasons such as self-defense and expressing freedoms which U.S citizens are privileged enough to receive through the second amendment; given they pass a background check. The second amendment is what makes the privilege to own a gun legal. This thesis paper will highlight the benefits of the right to own a gun under the second amendment, as well as look at why gun control activists think differently about this highly controversial topic of gun control. As stated by the second amendment, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (Cornell University Law School legal information institute, Second amendment). Breaking down this amendment sheds light on the fact that the people of America are allowed to own a gun and associate themselves with the well-regulated militia. A militia is basically a civilian army that comes second to the national army in case of emergency. The ability to own a gun is not a right, but rather a privilege to U.S citizens that meet the requirements in place. Not all citizens will meet this requirements. Gun control laws are the standards intended to minimize violence and the illegal use of guns across the country. The outlawing of guns across the entire country would be unconstitutional, simply be... ... middle of paper ... ...spect. The second amendment is one that can protect the lives of the American population. With the use of concealed carries as well as legal firearm ownership, it allows people to feel the sense of security that puts them at ease. With the well-regulated conditions gun ownership is nothing to be afraid of but rather something to praise. Self-defense and crime stopping abilities are shown to minimize the crime rate and violence across the country. Without privileges like these, the American population is much more susceptible to violent crime and much less encouraged to defend themselves. Acting as a second line of defense it is something that gives the nation a backup plan if it ever needs one. If the right to keep and bear arms were illegal, the United States of America could have been a part of modern day Great Britain, a very different state that is it in today.
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