The Benefits Of The Movie Theater

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How do people feel when they go to the movie theater? Well they may feel excited to see that new Star Wars movie with a group of people or be polar opposite about it would rather watch it at home, but one thing for sure they are all investing their money to watch Star Wars. For instance, with movie prices being a lot higher than before it would make sense to have a type of personal streaming media box to play these movies for a reasonable price. It may not be for everyone, but for the people who want to watch a movie with their children and not disturb the people who are seating around them, then a media box like this could happen and play newly released movies at the comfort of your own home. From VHS to DVDs, movie distribution has adapted…show more content…
As for people who love the experience of going opening night to their favorite movie are there times when people don’t want to be in a crowd full of people and instead watch it at home. Some people may already have a home theater system at their home and would rather watch movies on their own time or whenever they feel like it. Owen Jones summarizes that a home theater does cost a lot more, but it’s an “sizable investment,” and some people like to have in their own home (Home Movie Systems, Common Theater Blunders, para. 1) At most, the people who decide to have something like a home theater set up may want to have it just for their own family enjoyment. My family recently got a Bose five speaker surround sound set up and it’s a very nice set up that gives you a movie theater sound experience that just a regular TV sound, but its all just a matter of taste, some people may not want to spend money on an investments like this. It does give options to other people who would rather stay at home to watch newly released movies that would be on The Screening Room. It was an obligation if some one wanted to see a new movie they had to go to their local theater, but with streaming devices now a days they can either wait until it’s out on Blu-ray or just wait until its on Netflix. In reality, the county is changing and adapting to a “I want it now mentality,” it may seem irrelevant, but when shoppers are waiting in line for Black Friday shopping for the perfect deal on the new TV or gaming console, the examples can be made that if the consumer wants to have a movie played to them from the comfort of their home then why hasn’t it already happened yet