The Benefits Of The Internet?

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Nowadays, Internet has become a huge part of our lives. Almost everything we do on a daily basis requires the use of smartphones or computers, and most of their functions revolve around an Internet connection. This has developed a division among our citizens, digital natives, a term used for people who where born after the Internet and digital immigrants, who had the need to adapt to the new world and utilize digital tools in order to “survive” in the new era. So this gets us to a query, can the Internet be defined as a benefit to our society? To what extent is a benefit and when it becomes an antagonist? This is a dilemma for our future generations. They need to be able to differentiate these factors using modern technologies with moderation and responsibility.

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Children need to learn how to use the Internet responsibly without letting it dominate their lives. To use some type of digital devices to make teaching more dynamic and appealing to students because its part of their world is something that needs to be implemented, but some classic ways of teaching need to remain untouched. Everything evolves, although there needs to be a balance between what each generation provides to society, out with the old, in with the new is not necessarily a good path to follow because sometimes the old is what keeps you grounded and moving forward.
So, is Internet a benefit to our society? Yes, but only when it’s used properly and responsibly. Using the Internet for positive outcomes has provided our world with life changing inventions that facilitate the way we communicate and work, but we need to learn when to let go. We must not abandon physical interaction, this is key for a healthy society, and there is something about meeting in person that a device and the Internet will never replace. We are humans, social creatures that could never live by

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