The Benefits Of The Health Insurance Market

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Small businesses were paying an average of 18% more than big businesses for health insurance. The health care plan forces a tax on people. This is bad because it is making people pay for something they don’t want. “The battle over the state health insurance bills foreshadowed the fight advocates would face over the next 90 years every time the proposal for compulsory health insurance resurfaced” (Susan Dudley-Gold, pg 29) Tens of millions were underinsured. Many had coverage but were afraid of losing it. 50 million Americans did not have any insurance at all. Advantages of the marketplace helps enhance competition in the health insurance market. Another advantage of the marketplace makes costs clear by providing information about prices and benefits in simple terms that consumers can understand so they don’t have to guess about the costs. Marketplace qualifaction requires consumers to live around it’s area, be a US citizen or a non-citizen that is lawfully current in the US for the entire period. “The state creates and operates it’s own marketplace. The state partners with federal ...

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