The Benefits Of The Dominican Republic

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In the Dominican Republic, there is a great need for education, and financial support for poor families. Providing the people with a good education, and teaching a trade to the head of the household could help to solve these needs drastically. Not only this, but the service project could be used to be a good witness for Christ to these people. A service project to the Dominican Republic could not only solve the lack of education, and help impoverished families for a short time, it could provide a long-term solution, and benefit this nation greatly. I chose this project because of a young boy named Oliver, and his family. I have sponsored Oliver for almost three years now and have seen the benefits of an education, and a trade being taught to people in the Dominican Republic firsthand. Because my sponsorship and the works of the people serving people like Oliver, he can get an education, and his father can…show more content…
This means that there are good temperatures yearlong for harvesting crops. It also eliminates the worry of a trade as a farmer only having seasonal application as it would in other climates. Again, it is located near an ocean, which could lead to occupations such as a fisherman, or maybe even sailing a boat that could ship products, or take people on a tour. All it takes are people willing to teach the people of the Dominican Republic these trades. Place relevance is applicable in that about 30% of total land in the Dominican Republic is suitable for crop production. Farming would be a very beneficial skill to have, because there is plenty land to be worked. With the abundance of land, there is an abundance of opportunity. All that is needed is someone to teach the people what to do, and help them along their way. There is a very fertile place known as the Ciboa Valley, and people living near this area would have an even greater opportunity for jobs, if they could

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