The Benefits Of The Apple Watch

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Have you ever wondered how the lifestyles of today’s society have changed compared what was done in the past? Essentially today our everyday activities, how we perform these activities as well as the tools we use are different from the way things have been done in the past For example, compared to the past, one of the biggest differences would be that today the use of the internet has increased drastically. Products such as books, magazines, and newspapers that were used as tangible objects can now be seen on the internet, through a computer, laptop, cell phone, or iPad/tablet. Times are changing. As time has moved on many companies have had to find ways to change with them as well. Some companies found a way to keep up, others are struggling, and some have even fallen off and went into…show more content…
It is a smart watch that incorporates fitness and health related capabilities. It can be connected to the iOS operating systems as well as other Apple products and services. Essential the Apple watch is not only a device that tells time, it gives the customers the opportunity to physically fit, it also allows the customers to connect to their mobile devices, and therefore the customers get to receive all their notifications through their watch. A customer also has the opportunity to make a phone call with the watch again. But is this product really worth buying? According to an article written by Susie Ochs, “Apple calls the Apple Watch its most personal product ever, and as such, people 's reactions to it and opinions about using it will be highly subjective. One person might be delighted by the gentle taps on the wrist every time she gets a text message, while another might find those same taps jarring, and rush to turn them off”(Ochs 2015). Basically some people might think this product is the best thing in the world others might not feel that it is not really worth their good
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