The Benefits Of School Lunches

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School Lunches are Preposterous Schools worldwide try to make changes for the better when it comes to the nutritional values of things served at school lunches, or do they? In 2010, Michelle Obama came in to better the school lunches by increasing its nutritional value. Many parents below the middle class line get help from the government to pay for their child’s lunch. Even middle class are having a difficult time paying for lunches. Many students are even coming home hungry because what was being served at school isn’t worth the little money some of them have. Nathaniel Johnson states, “In 2012, diabetes cost U.S. residents $245 billion, and the cost of obesity was estimated at $168 billion in 2010” (web). That means the change for better food got worse from 2010 to 2012. The quality, the amount, and the less amount of access to freshness are the problems with our nation’s diet…show more content…
Before 2010, students were allowed to choose from whatever hot foods line they wanted and the food wasn’t as regulated. Then the government came in to change the school lunches for the better, to make them healthier. But not many students wanted to acclimate to what they are being served. The snack lines became longer and hot lunches unwanted. Shanthy Bowman says, “Adolescence represents a time of increasing autonomy, and teenagers purchase more fast food with their own money” (web). More and more children are buying the food they want rather than what they should be eating and parents are allowing it. Unfortunately, it is creating the problem of spending more for junk food and less on healthy nutritious lunch. Nestle says, “Schools are perfectly capable of producing nutritionally sound foods that taste good and are enthusiastically consumed by students as well as teachers” (256). They can make a change but why would they want to. They choose to believe that school lunches are better for
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