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Lunch is ordinarily the favorite part of a person’s day, especially during school. Lunch is mainly spent with friends socializing with one another while eating. Several of lunch table conversations include discussions about the food one is eating and how delicious or horrible the lunch is. The school lunches in Terre Haute high schools and at Indiana State University are either very unhealthy or undesirable for students to eat. While in high school in Terre Haute eating at school is a choice, but we all know it is unhealthy if one goes all day without eating. Sometimes lunch is the only time students eat all day because they might not eat a meal at home. At Indiana State University the food is no better than the food from
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At Terre Haute South if one was to bite inside of a piece of chicken the inside would look pink. Before eating my friends and I always checked our food to make sure it was actually done. The chicken or beef would be pink in the inside which does not seem healthy. We are used to the meat we eat to be cooked all the way through. Some students in my classes would have to leave in the middle of class just to go to the bathroom because of the food they have eaten at lunch. Plenty of food was wasted throughout the school year and I just think the school is wasting their money on the food they buy. This is because not many people wanted to eat the food and because what was being served on the lunch trays was unwanted it is unwanted. At Indiana State the food is sometimes overcooked and tough on the teeth. One time a friend of mines tried to cut her meat with a knife, but she could barely cut the knife through. When she was able to cut a piece off it was very dry and not juicy like it should have…show more content…
Majority of the food we were served in high school was not actually being cooked, because it was already pre-made. This means the school does not actually make the food because they most likely buy it already made from companies. I witnessed one of the cafeteria workers cut open a plastic bag of chili and dump it into a pan to warm it up. Not many people like the entrees the school served, so we had an option of substitution. The substitution choice would be between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a sub sandwich with turkey, ham, or roast beef. Several of times the school ran out of the sub sandwiches, and the bread used for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich was hard, frozen, or dry when one bites into it. Multiple times when I received the peanut butter sandwiches they were frozen when I tried to eat them. Others substitutions that were given out are hamburgers or cheese pizza. Rarely people wanted those options because the burgers were soy burgers and the pizza would always feel hard and cold. At Indiana State in the entree lines they served the same items almost every day. Every once in a while the menu may be different, but majority of the time the same food was served every day. Nearly all people get tired of eating the same food over and over for an entire school year. Another option might be to go eat from a fast food restaurant in the commons, but one might not want to eat
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