The Benefits Of Prostitution

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What would happen if prostitution were to become legal in the United States? There have been many debates of whether that prostitution should be legalized in the U.S. since some countries have allowed it. With that said, prostitution should be able to help further us in the U.S such as life improvement, economic advantage, and decrease in sexual transmitted diseases. Legalizing prostitution in this world will solve problems that it has been given throughout its time in history.
Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money. Sexual Transmitted Diseases (or formerly known as STDs) are infections that someone may receive from having sex with someone who has the infection. Legalizing is the act of making it legal.
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Refuge from abusive families and limited economic options(Prostitute Alliances Can Combat Human Trafficking,1) Refuge from these families will not only help the workers but their emotional state as well. Their limited economic options will hopefully open up to be able to support themselves. Workers from the sex industry will be able to have the same benefits as other workers from other industries. (100 Countries and their Prostitution Policies,1) Having these benefits will also their increase to save money as well to support themselves or their families. These same benefits include job resources, health resources, etc. Their reputation of working in the sex industry should not be tarnished in any way. (100 Countries and their Prostitution Policies,1)Their reputation not including being called a whore or any other uncalled for names. Thus prostitutes should not be labeled because of their…show more content…
These major defects could include the harmful effects that happen during of prostitution. “Women and girls are held against their will and beaten if they refuse to service customers or if they try to escape. They receive no money and live in what has been described as slavery.” (Young,1)Women could be lead into a world of slavery. The prostitute will not be able to protect themselves from these dangers. “Street prostitutes experience levels of post-traumatic stress disorder that are similar to levels among battered woman, rape survivors, and survivors of torture.”(Prostitution,1) People within the sex industry could gain these disorders that will continue to be a fear of them. Could having harmful effects in the future if prostitutes were to continue to be a prostitute longer. “It’s not the legal status of prostitution that causes the harm, it’s the prostitution itself. The longer she is in prostitution – legal or illegal – the more she is psychologically harmed. The shame and the isolation persist even if prostitution is decriminalized or legalized.” (Myths and Facts about Nevada Legal Prostitution,1) That the prostitutes will have no longer have the hope within themselves of what they are doing. Prostitutes will be afraid of what their own families or friends will say to them if they were to find out their children were to prostitutes. Prostitutes lives should improve if
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