The Benefits Of Prostitution

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If you were to ask me, 2 weeks ago, my view on whether or not prostitution should be legalized I would have said no. If you were to ask me now though I would have to say yes. Before reading all the articles and watching all the videos on the topic I never gave much thought to prostitution being legalized at all. Even though I personally wouldn't engage in these activities, I feel that people still have to right to do so if they would like as long as they are safe and protected. As in safe I mean in regards to spreading sexually transmitted diseases and crimes against the sex workers and their clients. My first reason for why I would legalize it would be because people have the rights to do as they want as long as it isn't endangering others. I would put this under the feminist theory because I'm talking about the majority of sex workers, which is usually women. Also legalizing it is giving the women of prostitutions rights and protecting them in their profession. Some might find legalizing this to be a disgrace to women but if you were to hear the response of women who are sex wo...
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