The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery: The Consequences Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Which person in the whole world didn’t wish at some point in his/her life to go back in time? Whether it was to have another chance to correct our mistakes or grab an opportunity we once let go, we all wish to travel to the past. For some people, it is totally different. They want to go back in time not only to look but to also feel young again; and luckily for these people the solution has been found. Since ancient times people seek self-improvement and plastic surgery which is the reparation, reconstruction or change of body parts using surgical procedures, has never stopped evolving and improving to help them. For the past few decades plastic surgery has been increasing more and more, which raised the debate between those who accept it and those who oppose it and want it to stop especially when it is done for cosmetic rather than reconstructive purposes. Cosmetic surgery should not be trivialized, as it has many benefits and lead to favorable consequences. First of all, plastic surgery enhances the self-confidence of the person who undertakes it (Nauert, 2011). In fact, according to Figueroa-Haas (as cited in Nauert, 2011), although plastic surgery is not the best way to cure low self-esteem problems we can’t deny its psychological benefits. Figueroa-Haas, (as cited in Nauert, 2011), conducted a study in 2005, on 84 women in their middle age to assess the change in their self-esteem before and after breast enlargement and the results showed that indeed, the women’s self-confidence improved after the surgery and it also affected their sexual satisfaction and attitudes. Similar studies have been made by Borah (as cited in Kohl, 2000) on cosmetic surgery patients to evaluate their quality of life before and after the proc... ... middle of paper ... ...eild, 2010). Most of The Lebanese plastic surgery foreign patients come from Arab countries such as Gulf, UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia but there are also some patients arriving from United States and Europe (Neild, 2010). El Khoury (as cited in Neild, 2010) who describes the plastic surgeons work during holiday similar to the work of restaurants during holidays as they are very busy, reported a twenty five percent increase in work due to foreign patients in 2009. Similarly the Lebanon’s representative at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery announced a twenty percent increase of the plastic surgery’s business due to outlandish patients (Neild, 2010). Additionally, the fact that banks such as Lebanon’s First National Bank began offering loans for cosmetic surgery is an indication of how it boosted the country’s economy (Neild, 2010).

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