The Benefits Of Plastic Bottles

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Approximately billions of plastic bottles are thrown away every year in this world; there is no awareness among the society that live in it. According to article in The Star (2012), average a person throw away plastic bottles is 180 pounds of plastics in 365 days. Moreover, the average plastic bottles take 600-900 years for the plastic to fully degrade. In order to reduce the plastic bottles, many invention has been made so that the waste of plastic bottles will be useful to people. One of the inventions that were really useful and creative is duffle bag that is made from recycled plastic bottles. Nowadays people need bag when they went to some place because most of them carry things or wanted to buy things. Therefore, demanding
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This backpack or duffle bag could meet the customers basic needs in socially and practical responsible way. Most of the bag that are sold dimensional, non-degrade, don’t give the customer or traveller the option to choose the version of their bag that could make their life easier to go anywhere especially when travelling.
This Earth bag is an all-in-one bag that can be converts into duffle bag or backpack. This Earth bag features a 3-way zippered compartment that allows easy access to books, laptops, and documents for travel. This bag affords the traveller convenience, allowing them more time to make friends and looking very good while doing good things.
The design and function are two driving focus behind the product line. The approach of the design has been customer-centric from the day one of the products has been made. The originality of the product is based on customer’s point of view and taking it to make prototype and ideate it to find what best for customers and what

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