The Benefits Of Organic Food Products

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Netravathi Vasudevaraju.S (2011) explained the process of certification to organic goods and need for marketing strategies to sell organic food products. Organic farming is a blooming industry because organic goods have more nutritional value and no chemicals in it when compared to conventional farming goods. Health factor, environment preservation and safe food are primary reasons to buy organic products. He explains the importance of identifying organic products, Customer should be aware of certification and to differentiate organic food labels so they can buy them. Certification will guarantee that food product has no chemicals and completely organic in nature. Government agencies and export people should identify organic cultivators and encourage them to continue organic farming.
Sushil Kumar and Jabir Ali (2011) explored the Indian Organic Food market and its possible segmentation. The growth in buyers of organic food items is because of health factor, environment preservation and safe
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(2013) explored the nature of open air markets selling only organic products. He collected data on total sales and participation, interviewed farmers and consumers in market in Istanbul. He observed that sales are purely seasonal and entry of organic food products in open air market have increased their sales. He compared both farming organic and conventional products by price, quality and effective transporting and food safety terms. He also compared organic sales from different countries to know the difference and similarity among them. He has included new policy suggestions to follow in his research.
Pearson et al. (2013) investigated extent of the variation in customers purchase frequency of organic food items, to identify the insight on low sales of organic products. Marketing mix perspective is used, this include price, product, promotion techniques and distribution of product. He divided the customers into different groups based on their purchase
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