The Benefits Of Olive Oil

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Olive oil The olive tree to the Greeks gave the goddess Athena - so the legend goes. This gift, they thought it great value and called after her own main city, and Zeus gave her entire Attica. The olive tree - it is not only oil, but also - and this is wood, shade in the heat, and olives, which are eaten fresh and canned. The benefits of olive oil Olive oil protects the blood vessels Olive oil is known as "liquid gold", as it is very useful. This oil rich in vitamins A, D, E and K. In addition, the oil contains valuable for organism acid: palmitic, oleic, and stearic. These acids lower the bad cholesterol, protecting the body from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Olive oil cures stomach Olives and useful for the gastrointestinal…show more content…
Among other things, it improves vision and coordination. Olive oil against infertility Polyunsaturated fatty acids, olive oil have a normalizing effect on the female reproductive system and promote fertility. Olive oil against cancer Olive oil has anti-cancer effect, but only if you eat the oil in its natural form, adding it to salads and other ready-made meals. Olive oil for weight loss Olive oil promotes weight loss. It is experimentally proved that polyunsaturated fatty acids that make up olive oil, reduce hunger and stimulate metabolism, speeding it up. Keep in mind that the oil can not eat uncontrollably. Indeed, in each of its tablespoon - 120 kcal. By adding this product, "virtually all", you run the risk better. Olive oil for pregnant and lactating mothers Thanks to the rich mineral and vitamin content of olive oil is ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers, as it promotes normal growth of the brain and nervous system functioning babies before and after birth. It was revealed that fatty acid found in olive oil are similar to fats that make up breast…show more content…
This oil is 100 percent absorbed by the body (several times better than the sunflower). Types of olive oil Type of oil - "measure" the quality of the product. Depending on a number of properties of the olive oil is: Extra Virgin Oil - Extra Virgin Olive Oil This oil - the most expensive, with an acidity of no more than 0.8%. In order to select the best production of the fruit and the manufacturing process is under strict control: the conditions of cultivation and olive harvest to storage methods. This oil retains all the nutrients. Only suitable ready-made dishes: cereals, salads, second and first courses, vegetable juices. The oil obtained from the first cold pressing of olives (only by mechanical means!). It is a thick dark crude oil has a slight bitterness characteristic of fresh olive oil. Oil Extra Virgin is better not to use for frying. Oil Virgin - Virgin Olive Oil Also useful product, but with higher acidity, up to 2%. In the production of olive permissible use of average quality. Oil Olive oil, Rafined olive oil, Light olive oil These olive oils contain refined oil. It is lighter and there is no characteristic Extra Virgin bitterness. Refined oil is best used for

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