The Benefits Of Multitasking

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People usually think that doing two things at the same time, it never ends well. That can be the case for those kind of people who are really doing two things at the same time. For example, studying and texting. Hence, that is called multitasking. But, what happen when a person studies and works. It is true that they are performing two tasks in one-day period. However, they are not entwining them. Some people can still think that, even though they are not entwining them, they are still performing two tasks, and therefore, that cannot end well either. However, what it is unknown to most people is that students who study and work at the same time can gain benefits such as work experience, the value of money and time, and being organized. First,…show more content…
Nowadays, tuition is very expensive. Therefore, students cannot take the luxury of wasting money. When students have experienced by themselves what really feels to earn their own money, they tend to be more careful on what to spend it on. For example, students tend to study harder in school to be the best students in their field of study. Also, time is another valuable factor that most students do not know how to appreciate well. Most of freshmen students, for instance, go to college just because they are obliged to earn a degree. However, just because they are in college in an obliged way, they tend to not take college seriously. Students who do not work think that just because they do not do it, they have more time to do their homework, so they tend to post-pond their assignments. By the time it is due date, they have not finished it yet. However, students who study and work at the same time, they try to do their assignments as soon as possible as they can, so they are not rushing out of time by the due date. Last but not least, students who study and work at the same time tend to be more organized. Time plays an important factor in a person’s life, and mostly on those people who have more than one activity to perform during one-day period. That is the reason why students who study and work at the same time are more organized. These kind of students have their belongs so organized
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