The Benefits Of Mindfulness

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A nurse at the BSN level must be prepared to promote health and wellness throughout the lifespan. Being mindful of mindfulness can have many documented positive benefits on your health and in your life. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is being aware of your actions in the present moment. Mindfulness is not the same as meditation, but can involve meditation and has similar benefits. These benefits can be seen throughout ones life because practicing mindfulness means living in the present moment. Time spent living in the moment enhances the experiences in life and also can take your mind off the stress of daily living. Mindfulness at work also offers positive outcomes.
10-Minute Mindfulness
In selecting a book to review, I wanted to be able
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However, it would be not only possible but also very healthy for me to practice mindfulness. I had not been very mindful of mindfulness prior to reading 10-Minute mindfulness by Scott and Davenport. This book, just published this year, boasts on the cover about “71 Simple Habits for Living in the Present Moment” and it delivers in a big way, even presenting resources throughout the text that can be found at the online book companion to…show more content…
It is important to note that employers do not have to put a lot of time or money in training employees mindfulness traits in order to see positive results (Gordon et al., 2014).
Personal Impact of Mindfulness
Just this past week at work, my floor was short handed and we did not have a nurse aide.
I used mindfulness to find my inner calm when things became crazy. I focused on the task at
BEING MINDFUL OF MINDFULNESS hand, rather than the thousand other things I had to finish before the end of the shift. From my
own experience practicing mindfulness in the shower, I found that it could indeed help to “wash away” things. Focusing on the water and the heat took my mind away from stressors, such as needing to write this paper for my nursing course.
The facts show that mindfulness is beneficial in many aspects and we all have been taught that the mind holds great power over the body. Not only will I take with me what I have learned from the book, but I will share the book and spread the word of using mindfulness to
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