The Benefits Of Major League Baseball

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The one thing every single minor league baseball player has in common is their salary. Everyone is out there doing everything they can to make their dreams come a reality, but it is tougher when they compensated poorly. Minor league baseball players receive only 20 dollars a day for meal money. Why do grown men, professional baseball players get paid so little? Major League Baseball is a business like any other, but players in the minor leagues are technically not exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. An exempt employee is someone who will be reimbursed minimum wage for their duties. Young and upcoming players should be payed for who they are as a player and person, not the cheapest salary possible. Minor league baseball players…show more content…
After each month, players normally have a few hundred bucks for themselves and a littler per diem, but that’s it. Major league baseball teams draft prospects in order for them to “grow and develop,” but how can that happen in such harsh conditions? Players should be compensated fairly so they have full access to healthy foods, kitchens to cook all of their meals, and a gym to train. In reality, players only receive a sub par gym. My opinion is simple, if major league affiliates make an investment in a player, shouldn’t they be treated greatly in order to make it to the major leagues to help the parent club? It sounds simple, but really major league baseball is “weeding” out the weaker players to force the cream of the crop to rise above all negative aspects. The author of the article, “Baseball, Fame, and Fortune” clearly states this specific point. “The number of people who make it to the top level — who make it there for just one day — is a teeny tiny percentage of the people who start out at the bottom,” (Kowalski). In this quote, she states that everyone starts from the bottom, and has to conquer each challenge in their path in order to achieve their dreams of playing for a major league ball club. Low salaries and poor living conditions only make it that much tougher on a
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