The Benefits Of Immigration

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Immigration in the United States can be an expensive and lengthy endeavor for an immigrant. Foreigners can enter the U.S. legally in two ways. The opportunity cost to obtain legal U.S. residence is large. There are adequate solutions to persuade immigrants to obtain legal residence. One of the legal ways that a foreigner can temporarily live in the U.S. is to obtain a Temporary Visa. There are about thirty types of temporary visas (Jaensch Immigration Law Firm). Several of the most common are B1/B2, F-1, H-1B and P-1 Visas. The B1/B2 Visa allows visitors up to six months without the ability to be employed. F-1 is a student visa which enables foreign students to attend American Universities, there is limited employment opportunities with this…show more content…
If the immigrant decides to live in the U.S. while obtaining the green cards they have to pay for the temporary visas. These fees range from $355 to $455 (American Immigration Center Inc.). The I-130 visa enables a person to immigrate an immediate family member to the U.S. There is a $355 fee (American Immigration Center Inc.). The application to change a person 's status from temporary to permanent residence is $1410 (American Immigration Center Inc.). Some immigrants obtain help process by going to immigration law firms. These firms charge the immigrants which adds to the total cost of…show more content…
The wait time during the application processes can be very lengthy taking at least six months and often longer for it to go through. In addition the process can be delayed if errors are in on the application (American Immigration Center Inc.). Another implicit cost is labor that the immigrant could be providing but can 't provide because they may not be able to take a job until they have obtained permeant resistance. Similarly, the immigrant also forgoes money that they could be making in the country they left, instead of waiting for a green card. There are lots of conditions required for someone to obtain legal residence in the US. It does not surprise me that many people who immigrate decided to do it illegally. The fees are fairly high for someone who is most likely working on minimum wage as they enter the country. The various form that are required for an immigrant to fill out and submit can be a bit overwhelming. I can understand why someone might want to avoid the process and live in the U.S. illegally. I believe that stricter regulation of a self-funding system will increase the cost to immigrants making it more difficult to enter the

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