The Benefits Of Homework Is A Waste Of Time

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“Homework is dumb. Homework takes too much time. What’s the point of all of this homework?” This is the thought of many students today whenever it comes to doing homework. Many of them complain that they have jobs that may interfere with homework. Some of them use sports as a reason to get out of doing their homework, but several teachers offer time in class, and early morning tutoring for those students who are struggling or may not have time to do assignments away from school. Although many students feel it is unnecessary and a waste of time, homework can be very beneficial to these students whenever it comes to review or test taking times.
Many students feel that doing homework can be a waste of time. They think that since teachers sometimes don’t go back over the homework the next day, or whenever they collect it, if they collect it at all, that it can be considered futile. Other students deem that they could be doing something, in their mind, as more productive such as sports, or other extracurricular activities. Some students feel that doing homework is unnecessary if the teacher does not take it up for points, or check to see if the student understands what they have been learning (Cushman 74-78). A student once stated her belief that if a teacher were to give her a worksheet to do, that even if she didn’t know how to do it and tried on it, he would still give her participation credit for trying. That teacher would then go over the problems, helping her understand what she didn’t know how to do (Cushman 74-78). Some teachers often don’t even take up the homework and give grades for participation. They would rather the children do it so it keeps them busy. Other teachers grade the students homework for correctness, making i...

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...lem, the parent should help them with it and if they can’t help, they should contact someone who can.
Homework is a difficult topic for all the factions of a school to come together on. There are teachers, parents, and students, who all seem to have different opinions about the effectiveness of assigning work at home, but the overall conclusion is that, homework is helpful. It not only benefits the students grade during the school year, but also prepares them for the upcoming road in the future. They will gain several skills from doing homework, such very useful time-management skills and helps the student acquire responsibility for their actions. These are very useful skills that are needed in everyday life whenever it is time to choose a career. If more students chose to do their homework, and try on it, would we still be ranked 14th of the world in education?
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