The Benefits Of Homeschooling

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What if parents had the chance to enhance their child’s learning and strengthen their family bond at the same time? Would they do it? The opportunities for education now are astounding, but a method that often gets ignored is one of the simplest of all. Parents should consider homeschooling as an option for education because it provides students with a more intimate learning experience and a closer relationship with their family. Homeschooling has existed long before schools were even instituted (“Homeschooling”). Children learned what they needed to in the safety of their own home. It was less of a hassle and easier than dragging kids to public school. There are a number of good reasons why parents have their children homeschooled. It can…show more content…
This is a great benefit of homeschooling. Parents can get a better grasp on their children’s abilities and embellish on them. They are more suited to kids’ interests and styles of learning (“Benefits of Homeschooling”). In the same way, parents can assist children that struggle in a subject or have special needs. Furthermore, it has been proven in regular schools that students gain information easier the smaller the student-teacher ratio is. If this is the case for school, the results are even better for homeschooling. Homeschooling is one-to-one teaching, and that means parents get to help their kids individually. Some parents are stricter than others, and that strictness can be placed upon kids to reach for the highest grades possible. Homeschooling offers a solution for these high-achieving parents that allows them to further interact with their kids and monitor their success (“Benefits of Homeschooling”). From the source of Academic Statistics on Homeschooling, studies have shown homeschooled children surpass their peers when taking standardized tests. SAT and ACT scores are also higher with homeschooled students than traditionally educated
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