The Benefits Of Having A Pet Dog

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The Benefits of Having a Pet Dog Dogs have been a very popular domestic pet amongst people in different countries for many years. The most common reason for people to own a dog is to have a companion to play with, bond with, and to spend time with. Not only are dogs true companions, they are also beneficial to have in terms of health. Most people, including myself, who do own a dog, are not aware of the tremendous impact these dogs have on one’s psychological, physiological and sociological health. In the following research paper I will discuss how dog ownership can help reduce stress related disorders, physiological illnesses and how dogs affect people’s social lives. When asked, people never say they own a dog for the psychological benefits…show more content…
One must understand that dogs do not always bite without a reason. Oftentimes, children do not know the boundaries between themselves and the dog. As a result the child might touch the dog too roughly to where it thinks it is being threatened or provoked. In Wilson’s study of “Prevention of Dog Bites” it says that many of these dog bite incidences resulted from improper dog handling by children (76). Thus, one must understand that the dog only responded out of fear or because it felt threatened (76). Not all dogs react with aggression, nonetheless there is a possibility that they will. Consequently, parents must do a good job explaining to their children how to properly play with and touch the dog. On the other hand, not only do children need to know how to behave properly around the dog, but dogs need to be properly trained as well. There are options such as obedience classes for dogs, getting a professional dog trainer involved or simply educating oneself prior to adopting a dog, and knowing how to properly handle and train them. The last option is the least costly option, which is typically

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