The Benefits Of Going Green

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Have you ever thought about going green, but don’t know the benefits. Today many Americans have taken the move to go green for many reasons. This research essay will relate to the book “Into the Wild”. The main character in this book, Chris, took it upon himself to go completely green and live in the wild. This was kind of Chris’s personality. He never liked relying on his parents or never liked the having to do the “normal” in the world. The resources Chris had were very limited and he had to rely on nature for a lot of things. When Chris went green, he didn’t have a car! He mostly walked and when you don’t have a car, carbon isn’t being put in the air. With not putting carbon in the air, it helps keep our air fresh and less polluted. Also,…show more content…
At the store, have you ever thought about the foods you buy? Well maybe you should because green products are guaranteed to be non-toxic and are not made with any harsh chemicals, pesticides, and added hormones (Rinkesh). Going green also helps for cleaner air! The World Health Organization has stated that due to air pollution is estimated to cause two million premature deaths worldwide every year. Keeping our air clean, can promise a future for new loved ones and a better chance of living (“Benefits of Going Green”). Climate change has been a very big factor in living today. Due to poor sanitation and densely populated areas in developing countries, it has caused changing temperatures and and precipitation has been common lately in these areas. These people have caught diseases like malaria and dengue. Going green for these people are essential for them to continue living! Also a lot of natural disasters are caused by pollution. A very big natural that is prone from pollution is wildfires. Imagine right now if the world could stop some wildfires by just spreading less pollution into the air. Also just knowing you’re doing something to help Earth be a better place should make you happy and make you take being green more into view and seeing what else you can do to help the pollution issues. Also if people recognize your well doing with going green, they'll be influenced by you to try going green for
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