The Benefits Of Globalization: The Different Challenges Of Globalization

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managers. Globalization has many different benefits. However, it gives a manager many challenges to overcome in order to succeed in their career. Such as being more diverse, having to deal with changes in other countries and much more.
Which Management issue is the most challenging Globalization does create many different challenges a manager has to face. However, a manager having to adapt to the constant cultural changes and diversity in the workplace is by far the most challenging. This issue is the most challenging because of how international culture can overpower or change domestic culture; different needs and wants based on culture, and no real solution to the growing problem of cultural diversity. “Cultural diversity presents the practical
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“Critics of globalization cite the way in which it motivates an international culture over established domestic ones”(Bondless 2016), this is true everywhere we go now. Canadian culture itself has been changed because of American industry’s such as Walmart and other major successful branches. This has an impact on managers as sometimes companies will hire managers because of their expertise on the culture in their area. However, the need for these types of first or middle line managers is diminishing each year. This leads to a more generic way of life for everyone which lowers the need for niche markets or unique products for unique cultures. People are…show more content…
There was a massive study done on the energy industry in australia with some of the most diverse workforce. “This study focuses on managing cross-cultural diversity in Australia. The study aims to provide tangible benefits to organizations, as the diversity management competencies in the model can be used for selection and development of managers. In addition, this study assesses the extent to which managers believe they possess these diversity management competencies.”(Linda Dalton 2015). The results they found after using interviews that were conducted using a semi-structured questionnaire. “The interview commenced with several demographic and work experience questions. The second section of the interview was based on the Diversity Management Competency Model (DMCM).”.The results were below average for the DMCM model , “Research question three sought to find the extent to which participants believe they have developed competencies