The Benefits Of GMO Farming?

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In the world today, many Americans see terrorism as the leading threat to security, but for much of the human race, the effects of growing populations, rising temperatures, water shortages, and droughts on food availability present far more daunting challenges. Unfortunately, like most problems humans face, a clear-cut answer may not exist. However, with recent scientific advances, genetically modified crops have made it possible to help feed a hungry world through GMOs. People often ask the question, should farmers practice GMO farming? It seems ludicrous to say no to technological advances that could help one billion chronically hungry people in the world. The potential advantages of genetically modified foods, such as environmental, health,…show more content…
GM crops allow farmers to grow more without using additional land, where they can produce high yields without spending money on more land. Additionally, the total farm income of $116.6 billion was divided equally between farmers in developing and developed countries, providing them with a steady, reasonable income (“Biotechnology: Regulatory Issues”). Globally, farmers received an average of $3.33 for each dollar invested in GM crop seeds (“Biotechnology: Regulatory Issues”). These crops present a cheaper way to buy and grow, and help earn more money for the farmers. Due to the increase in yields that GM crops produce, farmers gain more money. The less need for energy, tools, chemicals, sprays, water, land, time, and other priceless resources, the more benefits provided to the farmers. In today’s ever-changing and busy world, time has become more and more priceless, and because of GM crops, farmers have a better production in less amount of time that they can spend with family or working on other things around the farm. These crops provide a more economical friendly alternative to the farmer and the consumer for production and supply. For consumers, GM foods have longer shelf life in stores and markets, which makes for easier shipping (“Genetically Modified Foods - What’s on Your Plate?”). Due to the larger production, stronger and longer-lasting foods, the prices of GM crops are significantly lower compared to organic food. They interconnected world economy improves with the use of genetically modified crops because they also provide more money to developing nations. (“Genetically Modified Foods - What’s on Your
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