The Benefits Of GM Plants

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As time passes by, more and more people need more aliment to survive and be adequately salubrious. Undeveloped countries struggle to feed all its inhabitants and often, the lack of nutrients raises the amount of diseases in the area. People from these countries tend to be very skinny and often starve to death because of the lack of a good nutrition.
Another serious issue related to undeveloped countries is the little technological development and the few resources they have to prevent illnesses. Although they have to face several diseases by the direct result of the lack of food, they also have all the other diseases like cancer and deadly tumors. It is very complicated for these poor countries to contain the order when these situations are
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Also, GM plants are more resistant to natural processes like drought, cold, or pollution in the air which prevent crop plants from reaching their full genetic potential (“Patent application”). Moreover, although the initial higher cost of the seeds of GM plants, GM plants would be more economical because they reduce the need for pesticides and the manpower needed to successfully grow the crops (Murnaghan, 2016). According to Murnaghan (2016), the quality of the food also increases in GM plants. For example, tomatoes can be modified to stay fresher longer. Another example is golden rice, which is GM normal rice richer in vitamin A…show more content…
Scientist have already discover a procedure to turn skin cells into heart and brain cells. When a person have a stroke or a heart attack, heart cells die and it is difficult for an adult heart to regenerate the lost cells. Scientists had been looking for a way to transplant adult heart cells into a damaged heart but it had always failed because the cells do not survive long. Now, scientists found chemicals that can change the cells to a similar state to the one found in the human body. What is even more surprising is the ability of the cells to self-replicate, which is of vital importance in degenerative diseases or brain injury (“Scientists turn”). New technologies have made the practice of genetic modification easier and more economical. CRISPR/Cas is a tool to edit DNA. It was first used in humans in 2013 and it has resulted easier and cheaper than the old methods and it can also be used in multiple edits at one time (“Genome editing”). With this technological advance, the most common and aggressive from of tumor, glioblastoma, can be reduce in 60% of growth, which was proven with 79 mice (“Genetically

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