The Benefits Of Free College Education

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Is a college education really worth over thousands of dollars each year? I have no idea, but being a high school student, this worries me because I have to actually start thinking about which college I want to go to and especially if it’s affordable for me. Most people who attend colleges take student loans and end up paying their debts for most of their life and I don’t want to be one of those peoples. If college was free, it would be so helpful to me because it wouldn’t cause me as much stress knowing if I’m taking the wrong courses or anything. A free college education would also help me be able to find my career so much easier without spending thousands of dollars for classes I’m not interested in before finding the one I really want to have a career in. Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, noticed that the cost and demand for a college education has risen significantly between when he was a college student and today; he describes this rise as irrational. Thiel thinks that students today are taking larger student loans which leave them in debt and their…show more content…
A free college education would attract more people to become students so they can learn, get their degree, and use it to earn more money in the real world. A liberal arts education within college should also be definitely free or less pricey because it can be “enormously practical because they became resources on which to draw for continual learning, for making decisions in one’s life, and for making a difference in the world” said Michael S. Roth. If a college education really did become low-priced or free within the next few of years, that would help me and others so much financially. It would be really great to see the day where college is much more affordable come in the near