The Benefits Of Forgoing Football

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409 words

When you feel confined, your life revolves around finding a pathway to freedom, but feeling this way about a sport leads to the very epitome of dread. I never have considered myself a quitter and would rather endure two more years of despising football than to leave it all behind. Ironically, it was my coaches’ daily harangue of “If you’re not 100% invested in this team, you are more destructive than not being here at all,” that even implemented the possibility of forgoing football. Before the next season began I was determined to find my drive for football again or give it up forever and focus on my true passion: wrestling. Despite my best intentions I could not introduce the drive back into my soul and ultimately realized, for the benefit

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they never quit football and would rather leave it all behind. they were determined to find their drive for football again or give it up forever and focus on wrestling.
  • Describes how they could have avoided the whole situation by not coming to summer practices and "hoping they would get the idea", but that's not who they are. they were pacing outside his office waiting for him to return after practice.
  • Opines that their character instilled through football enabled them to quit football. this character, shaped by arduous two-a-days and 6 a.m. workouts, did not dissipate and continues to influence their decisions in life.
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