The Benefits Of Forensic Psychology

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The most interesting jobs to have knowledge of are forensic, personal ,and child psychology. If you would want to go into the following field you should be informed properly. Being aware of their job duties, educational requirements,and annual income. Forensic psychology is defined as the intersection of psychology and the law, but forensic psychologists are not limited in their roles of duty. In many cases people working within forensic psychology are not necessarily in the field of "forensic psychologists." These individuals can be clinical or school psychologists as well as neurologists and on the occasion counselors. All who lend their psychological expertise to provide testimony, analysis or recommendations in legal or criminal cases.…show more content…
The median expected salary for forensic psychologists with work experience ranging between 5 to 8 years varies from $55,000 to $ 65,000 per year whereas the median salary for those over 15 years of is much higher than $ 70,000 per year. The average expected salary for a forensic psychologist employed in the local or state governments is about $ 63,000 per year.The average salary for a forensic psychologist with a doctorate degree is about $93,000 per annum while the one with a master’s degree earns around $59,440 per year. According to PayScale, the hourly wage for a forensic psychologist with 1 year of practical experience ranges from $11.79 and $13.73 per hour. Similarly, those with 1 to 4 years of experience earn from $13.40 to $40.96 per hour, those with 5 to 9 years of experience receive between $13.76 and $20.35. The highest hourly wage from $53.06 to $203.47 is paid for the ones with more than 20 years of experience.The forensic psychologist earns a median salary of about $ 60,000 per year and the forensic psychologist’s salary is greatly influenced by various factors such as acquired skills, educational qualifications, and years of work experience, gender, and higher qualifications such as the master’s and doctorate

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