The Benefits Of Exercise

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“Is practising exercise something very relevant?” “What are the benefits of exercise?” Practising physical exercises is something that not everyone enjoys doing; however, it is always recommended by physicians because it is a known way to help body and mind maintain balance and stay healthy. It is crucial to find an exercise that combine pleasure and obligation; as a result, it will become a habit and people can check its benefits.
Nowadays, some people are very busy with their daily activities; they work a lot or study all day long. When they get home, they are tired and lazy to go for a walk or join a gym. Other people think that is a waste of time because they cannot see the benefits of exercise in a short time. This results not only in
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Increasingly, people are suffering from illness from sedentary lifestyle. “Physical activity and exercise is known to have a beneficial effect on a variety of factors relevant to diabetes and cardiovascular disease, including blood pressure, … and insulin sensitivity. Exercise is therefore recommended for both the prevention of diabetes and the treatment of people with diabetes” (Lumb, 2014, p. 673).
For example, people can choose activities ranging from a simple walk to an aerobic exercise like a dancing class it will depend on each case. According to Lumb (2014), people can decrease their level of sugar in the blood with a controlled exercise. In contrast, aerobic exercise can increase blood glucose (p. 673). Therefore, people are encouraged to see a doctor before choosing the best exercise for treatment of
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“Even small amounts of weight loss can make a big difference in helping to prevent high blood pressure. Losing weight, if you are overweight and already have high blood pressure, can also help lower your pressure” (“Facts About How to Prevent High Blood Pressure”, (1994), para. 41). People who are practicing exercise now are preparing a healthy future. “…healthy eating and physical activity aren’t just for weight loss – they’re vital for physical health, now and in the future” (Healey, 2014, p. 30). These people will be able to do many movements without pain, and they will become supple and be more willing to execute their daily tasks such as bending over to pick up an object on the floor or using stairs. Exercising makes the body strong, increases endurance and energy; as a result, people feel better with their own body and improve self-esteem. “In a University of Georgia study, inactive participants who complained of fatigue increased their energy by 20 percent and decreased fatigue by as much as 65 percent when participating in regular, low-intensity exercise” (“12 Months of Wellness”, 2013, p. 37). Swimming is a very good example of exercise where a person can determine its intensity. Thus, people achieve optimal health, and they feel more satisfied with their bodies and
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