The Benefits Of Corn

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One of the most important crops in the world is Corn. It was originally found in the Tehuacan Valley in Mexico centuries ago but has grown since mostly across the United States.
Corn is also processed into a wide range of food and industrial products, and it is a staple of the global food supply. Research analysis shows that around 85 million acres of land in the U.S are planted to corn every year if not even larger in an area that is almost the size of California.
They are the larger part of the crop grown in the Heartland region. Corn has many qualities, one of the most important qualities of corn is the Maize Hybrid, which was first originated in 1909 in Washington DC by Dr. G.H. Shull, a scientist at Carnegie Institute. Like all major
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But over the last passed years that has changed, corn have overcome rice and became the number one crop in China, even though corn is not new to China but plenty has changed since it was first brought from the Americas back in the fifteen hundreds. Corn production has highly increased almost 125 percent over the past 25 years, while rice has increased only 7 percent, according to the World Bank. In 2014, Estimates from state media have said the government will be sitting on 150 million tons of grains that include three of the most important crops for China which are: rice, wheat and corn. That is double the 75 million tons last year and adds to an oversupply of these agricultural commodities that is pressuring prices lower. ( China’s demand for corn is expanding at a powerful rate, driven mostly by growth in animal feed consumption, while consumption of staple grains is rising at a more average rate. Other than it is the second largest country producing corn it is one of the largest to produce vegetable like cabbage and
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