The Benefits Of Civil Engineering

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The demand for Civil Engineers is rapidly growing day after day. Historically, Civil Engineering has been vital to the advancement of society. In fact, Civil Engineering is the oldest division of engineering, since it dates back at least five millenniums when "master builders" began constructing structures, such as pyramids, temples and irrigation canals. Even if Engineering has changed significantly since it was first used in a construction, the essential foundations of Civil Engineering have stayed the same over the years. Today, the problems that Civil Engineers face every day are getting more complex from day to day, but Engineers are always able to solve those difficulties with applied science and the technological innovations that surely…show more content…
For example, entry-level Civil Engineers with a bachelor's degree start with a salary near or above $54,164. Those engineers who have completed a master’s degree generally earn about $61,000 a year, while those who have obtained a doctorate degree have a starting salary of about $72,000 annually. It is important to mention that those engineers that work for the government usually earn a little bit more than those that are employed by private industries. In fact, there is a difference of $20,000, since the ones that are employed by private industries earn about $40,000, while the engineers that work for the government earn about $60,000. The top-level Civil Engineers are usually owners and top government employees, they may earn up to $117,000 a year. Every single salary differs due to years of experience and time put into degrees, but every engineer knows that the salary only reflects how much effort they have put into their career. Moreover, the days of vacation vary between engineers, but the average vacation for civil engineers is three weeks for the whole year. Civil engineers typically work full time, which is forty hours per week. 25% of the Civil Engineers worked more than 40 hours per week. They are paid extra, since they have to stay a little longer in the construction sites to monitor the…show more content…
Plus, Civil Engineers must have specific of skills and knowledge that is not necessarily learned in school in order to succeed in this career. Responsibility, leadership and confidence are key features for succeeding in this career. The salary is decent compared to many other careers, but it could be greater if the industry, company size, location is the ideal. All in all, this career seems to be interesting for someone that likes to work outdoors and prefers to spend time on a career that is
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