The Benefits Of Cell Phones In School

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Technology has always advanced at a rapid pace, only 10 or 20 years ago cell phones started to catch on and now they are everywhere and they are stronger than ever. Today cell phones that are stronger than supercomputers from 20 years ago, they can now be used to surf the web, watch videos and keep in touch with everybody and while their popularity is at an all time high, schools believe they cause nothing but trouble for students and educators in the classroom and have banned them in response, however it’s not necessary cell phones pose quite a benefit to education and banning them is a huge problem. Cell phones were created with the idea of keeping people in touch and 20 years later that is still the main reason for owning one, In a school setting cell phones provide a link between and students and their parents, according to Balaro, B and Ginsburg, J(2016)In the article Cell Phones in School:An Overview. Points Of View:Cell Phones In School(P.2). “Nearly 60 percent of teenagers said they communicated more often with their parents since they began text messaging, and more than half of teenagers who text their parents said their relationships with them had improved” Cell phones helps parents be involved in their students school life than ever before and it even helps keep educators…show more content…
(2016) in the article . Cell Phone Regulations are not Necessary. Points Of View: Cell Phones In School, p.3 ‘The distinction between laptops, personal digital assistants (PDA), and cell phones is blurring, and banning only voice communication is problematic given the many functions available on modern cell phones. In addition, students receive a mixed message from educators when Internet skills are valued in one context but not another.” Cell phones are not just used for calling anymore cell phones can be used for research, taking notes and many other things, why would we ban something that’s so beneficial? Because of a few risks? That’s
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