The Benefits Of Attending College

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Student loans have become a major concern in the 20th century and many people find themselves questioning the decision to obtain a college degree or head straight into the work force. A college education has become a vital component of success, but as the number of students seeking a higher level education rise, so does the price of tuition. Attending college may be a hefty expense, but it does not ultimately outweigh the value of achieving a degree. Students who attend college earn more than non-graduates, have more opportunities available to them, take on new experiences and gain independence proving that a college debt is worth every penny. A college degree is the gateway to a stable future. The money earned from a well-paying job after…show more content…
Earning a college degree helps students open doorways to opportunities throughout their lifetime. It prepares students, intellectually, mentally and socially for their career and their adult life. A college education helps provide benefits such as higher skilled positions and better paying jobs. One of the hardest parts of adult life is finding a job. College provides students with chances to complete internships that simplify their job search upon graduation. A large part of high level education in the 20th century is based off of internships. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), nearly 50% of employers would like to see an internship on a student’s resume. An internship allows students to test out their desired field before taking a permanent position. Many employers often hire interns from their own company, greatly boosting a student’s chance of obtaining a job upon…show more content…
The more connections which are collected during a college career, the more options that will be available when graduates begin their job search. Once a job search is ended and work has begun, a college education and its importance has not been exhausted. A college degree often leads to promotion opportunities. According to the Pew Research Centre, “college graduates who are working full time earn about 17,500 dollars more annually then their peers who have only a high school diploma” (“Is College Worth It?” 4). This extra money not only provides for work opportunities, but life opportunities that non-college graduates may not have. As opposed to generations of the past, high school graduates of today’s generations are unable to receive high-paying jobs that were once available to them. Today’s economy is based solely upon knowledge. Students who do not attend college are forced down to the bottom of the economy. A college education almost always guarantees students with a job opportunity upon
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