The Benefits Of Algae

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The depletion and down-right disappearance of fossil fuels are inevitable. Our demand is ever increasing, but our supply is not. Oil will run out in approximately thirty-eight years based on our consumption today. When our supply of fossil fuels do run out, world economies and global trade will collapse. Food transportation will stop and people around the world will starve. As an alternative fuel, people should commence the mass production and harvesting of algae, which can be refined into biofuels to power our everyday needs. Algae is an exceptional alternative fuel as it grows very quickly, it is extremely versatile and it has a high energy density. Under suitable conditions, algae duplicates in size every few hours. This is due to algae’s exceptional adaptations to its surroundings and is quick to grab nutrients away from other competing plants. This is excellent for the…show more content…
Wastewater growth is beneficial to both humans and algae as wastewater has a high nutrient value for the algae, supporting greater growth, and in the meantime, cleans out our sewage. Due to these adaptations, we are able to grow algae almost anywhere, unlike ethanol plants or oil, which needs have certain climates for good growth. These adaptations allow humans to control the growth of algae, which is beneficial because we do not need use our supply of fresh water or utilize our diminishing pieces of fertile land. We can slow down global warming in the process by placing algae harvesting facilities beside power plants so the released carbon dioxide can help the growth of the algae. To sum it up, growing algae is very easy and in the process, cleans our air and water from pollutants. So? What if algae is easy to grow? If it can’t produce enough fuel for the population, it still wouldn’t solve the problem. In addition to a plentiful amount of biofuels per year, algae does not lack to fossil fuels in the energy
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