The Benefits Of Accepting Yourself

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We 've all heard that Bruno Mars song where he sings that you are amazing just the way you are. He 's talking about a girl, but let 's just pretend that he 's singing to everyone. It 's a nice thought to think that we can accept ourselves just the way we are, but so many of us have trouble doing that. The Benefits Of Accepting Yourself Just The Way You Are Some people are scared that accepting themselves the way they are means they will stop trying to become someone better. That can happen (we will talk about that in a bit), but the truth is that when you start to accept yourself for who you are, you don 't become still and stop growing; instead, something magical happens. You stop holding on to limiting beliefs and bad behaviors that you have acquired by being someone that you are not, and you become more capable of living in alignment with what you really love, want, and desire in life. Life feels more fun and rewarding, and you start to take action on creating the type of life that you want. So the benefits of accepting yourself just the way you are include: - Less self-hatred and more happiness - Less stress and more peace - Less resistance in life and more going with the flow of what is best for you - Less negative self-talk and more positive self-talk - Less doing things that don 't matter to you and more making the most of your time In other words, the benefits of accepting yourself just the way you are HUGE. It is something worth doing, starting today. How Hard Is It To Accept Yourself Just The Way You Are? It 's pretty darn hard, especially if we are not living up to what society has told us we need to be. We have learned, by watching and listening to other people, that we need to live up to some sort of... ... middle of paper ... ...t to accept yourself just the way you are, people will leave your life. They may not want you to celebrate yourself and feel like you are enough just the way you are. This is especially true if they have always been critical of you or want you to become more like them (which happens quite a lot with loved ones). They think that their way of life is right, and if you choose to accept yourself, and you are different than them, then they are going to feel like you are not living up to what they want you to be, and that will put a tear in the relationship that is too big for it to stay together. But, the good news is that anyone who leaves your life because you accept yourself is not someone you would want in your life anyway. They are the people who love you conditionally, and they don 't offer the support and love that comes from an unconditional type of relationship.
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