The Benefits And Roles Of Fairness In The Workplace

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I definitely agree that human resources need to employ making sure they are hiring the right people for the organization and that they are in actual roles in which they will be able to accomplish, be successful, and be satisfied. Essentially, when employees are not a proper fit for the culture and the role they are in then it generates problems of concern. Your post definitely has some great points.

When defining fairness to mean it implies that everyone should be guided by the same rules and policies. There should be no variation in how you treat one versus others if rules state specifically how things and processes are completed and done. Therefore, fairness is being trustworthy and unbiased in your motives and actions. Moreover, fairness
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Fairness should be a standard, a staple for survival like food, clothing or shelter” (“What is Fairness?”, 2016). Employees need to fully see that their time and effort is being equally regarded in the organization compared to other employees in the same type of roles. Otherwise, resentment and bitterness begin to flare up due to unfair treatment, possibly as a result of another employee getting greater rewards and recognition for the same type of work that other employees are performing. Further, employees perceive fairness in the workplace…show more content…
All the more, essentially each employee wants to feel as if they are apart of something bigger that brings about promotion for someone or something greater than themselves. Therefore, that is why is it is pivotal for employers to cultivate high employee engagement.

In essence, when employees feel engaged, then they are more enthused to generate greater productivity, morale, and better working relationships along with added trust in the employer in which they work for. However, a key issue in organizations amongst employees is the concept of fairness in the workplace. Moreover, when employees gain a sense of unfairness in their work or policies and procedures, then it causes employees to question why and if they should be part of the organization.

One key aspect of how many employees in the company I work for have felt a sense of unfairness was in the aspect of when one person was promoted despite the fact that there were others who seemed more deserving and have been employed and overlooked numerous times, yet this creates a sense of unfairness amongst the
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