The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Telemedicine

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Telemedicine can include using the diagnostic and imaging equipment to get data from patients. The data can be recorded by the computer software and hardware, and then sent the data from on location to another one thought satellites or communication lines. After the data arrived on the computer of a doctor or expert, he can analyze the data to give some result and sent it back. Indeed, a telemedicine system can be very simple; it will only need a computer to connect to a big medical database which includes Clinical application, medical information management, services and different education. And it also needs some basic equipment which can catch, store transmit, display and process data, picture and sound (Weldon 1997). Actually, telemedicine has already existed for about 40 years. But it was confined because of the large cost and technology limitations. But in pace with the technology development, for example satellite communication and fiber optics have reduced many of these problems; it has a great advancement in telemedicine. 1. Introduction 1.1 Definition To compare with emerging technology, there is not a precise definition for telemedicine. The problem is that telemedicine can include many things. Telemedicine is a…show more content…
One is what the benefit of the telemedicine. Another one is what the barriers facing the telemedicine. Because I have found some source and literature from the Internet which about the implementation of telemedicine in different part of medical treatment industry. So, I can provide a summary all the benefit and the problem for discussing. And the result could be used to improve the level of telemedicine. According to the environment and technology of today’s telemedicine, telemedicine did not popularize in many poor places. Equipment of telemedicine also cannot set in every house. So telemedicine is still being limited in a small area. I will consider both sides in my
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